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New Year, New Board

With each new year, comes a new Executive Board to serve Beta Epsilon. Elections are held in November, which is soon followed by officer transition workshops. During these workshops, the outgoing officer educates and assists the incoming officer. The young women that are elected to serve on our Executive Board are responsible, honest, and dedicated. They are role models and representatives of our chapter. Their leadership is essential to ensuring chapter stability, functionality, and happiness. Today we recognize the 14 new members, while they share some of their goals for their terms.

President: Addi cottone

As President, the main responsibilities are to oversee the Executive Board and serve as a liaison between the chapter and the Panhellenic community. “I really want to increase transparency in terms of the information that goes from the Executive Board to the members of the chapter,” Addi explains when talking about her goals. “It’s so important that we are listening to all of the members’ voices.”


Serving as the Vice President of Operations includes organizing chapter meetings, updating chapter rosters, managing all transfers, planning elections, and acting as a liaison between the chapter and our advisors. “I also work to plan meetings and build relationships within our leadership and the chapter as a whole,” says Riley. Her goals for her term include keeping up communication and strengthening the relationships our chapter has within itself, our leadership, and our advisors.

director of new member experience: Emma whitfield

In her position, Emma welcomes and educates the new members, as well as ensures the chapter’s preparedness when accepting the alphas. Additionally, she coordinates the Diamond Sister program, prepares the deltas for the Diamond Sister program, and plans the chapter retreat with the Vice President of Member Experience. “I would like to create a warm and welcoming environment for our newest alpha class and throughout the chapter as a whole,” she says when asked about her goals. Her focus is on the Diamond Sister program as a primary way to meet other members, as opposed to a system of finding bigs or littles.

director of primary recruitment: karly taylor

Serving as the Director of Primary Recruitment, Karly’s main responsibility is to secure the future of Alpha Delta Pi by recruiting new members who exemplify the qualities and values that we hold in high regard among our chapter. Her goal is to have a successful recruitment that ends with a special bid day full of welcoming and celebrating the new members. “I would like to create a message with a strong theme and attention to detail,” she says when describing her recruitment plans.

Vice president of marketing: mary-kathryn raley

As the Vice President of Marketing, Mary-Kathryn oversees all marketing, public relations, and recruitment practices. Her goals include becoming more inclusive of all deltas on our social media platforms by highlighting their accomplishments, projects, and personalities. “I also want our members to have great confidence when going into recruitment this year,” she says. She believes this will be essential when trying to effectively convey ADPi’s ideals and morals to potential new members.

FINANCE vice President of accounts payable: emma holian

Serving as the Finance Vice President of Accounts Payable includes overseeing the external finances of the chapter including the chapter bank account, budget, and monthly bank reconciliation. During her term, Emma’s goals are to increase transparency toward chapter members on what their dues actually go towards, as well as keeping officers aware of all financial matters that impact their position.

FINANCE vice president of accounts receivable: sofie desimone

As the Finance Vice President of Accounts Receivable, the main responsibilities are to oversee the internal finances of the chapter, enforce the financial delinquency process, and create individual payment plans for sisters who would like one. When asked what her goals for her term are, Sofie says, “to make sure as few girls as possible drop because of financial reasons.” In order to achieve this, she will keep communication fluid between herself and the chapter when discussing due cycles and what the dues are going toward.

vice president of event management: emma stevenson

In her position, Emma is responsible for organizing and planning all social functions. Her goal is to bring back at least one function for the spring semester, while meeting the requests of the chapter to ensure safety.

director of member development: rachel bonenkamp

Serving as the Director of Member Development, Rachel ensures members are upholding the values and principles of Alpha Delta Pi through chapter education, the standards process, and the Member Development team. Her goals are to help the Wellness Specialist and Inclusion Specialist establish their new positions, in addition to focus on prevention instead of reaction. To achieve this, she will increase the use of wellness checks and improve communication on behavioral expectations at chapter.

vice president of panhellenic RELATIONS : emma risley

As the Vice President of Panhellenic Relations, Emma encourages chapter wide involvement throughout the Panhellenic community. “There are a ton of ways to get involved on campus,” she says, “and I want as many ADPis involved as possible because I know I was always so nervous to put myself out there.” Whether it be in the Panhellenic community or at UofSC, Emma’s goal is to have everyone be excited and proud to represent ADPi in different positions.

director of academic affairs: mary alden cooper

In her position, Mary Alden motivates and supports sisters to perform their best academically, while providing scholarship resources. Improving our chapter’s GPA, re-designing our sister tutoring network, and providing support to freshmen are Mary Alden’s goals during her term.

director of facility management: olivia herbert

As the Director of Facility Management, Olivia is responsible for overseeing the ADPi house. When asked about her goals, she wants to create a fun and empowering environment for sisters living in and outside the pi palace.

director of philanthropy: casey beetle

Serving as the Director of Philanthropy includes coordinating and overseeing all fundraising and philanthropy-related efforts and serving as a liaison between our chapter, the Ronald McDonald House, and other local service organizations. During her term, Casey’s goals include encouraging members to go above and beyond the service hours requirements, strengthen our relationship with RMH and local service organizations, and foster a deeper love for and commitment to philanthropy.

vice president of membership: gracie smith

In her position, Gracie is responsible for managing the membership experience team, which is dedicated to enhancing the ADPi experience for all members including new alphas, deltas, and graduates, known as pis. During her term, she hopes to improve the sisterhood of our sorority and come up with creative ways to be together during the pandemic.

Congratulations to Beta Epsilon's 2021 Executive Board!


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