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Alpha Delta Pi Beta Epsilon is a home away from home, a place our members can call their own! Within ADPi, members find a sense of belonging and community, forming bonds that last a lifetime. The shared experiences, whether through philanthropic events, social functions, or academic support, foster an environment where each member feels valued and understood. These relationships go beyond the four years spent at Carolina, it's not just four years it's for life.

“ADPi is truly my home away from home! I have never felt more comfortable and welcome by complete strangers than when I stepped foot into the ADPi house for the first time during recruitment two years ago. A feeling like that is not something you can find just anywhere. I came to college looking to find my lifelong best friends. Little did I know that is exactly what I would soon find here in ADPi. Within the last two years of my life I have been blessed with more sisters than I could have ever imagined and some of my most cherished friendships because of ADPi. So, why ADPi? For forever friendships that I’m not sure how I went so long without. For memories that can’t be beat and will last a lifetime. A home away from home, a shoulder to cry on, the root of most of my laughter. These truly are the people that make the place!”
-Adri Diaz AC’22, Spartanburg SC

From the first time I stepped into the ADPi house, I knew it was where I was meant to be. Being all the way from New Jersey, I was looking for a place that felt like a home away from home, and ADPi gave that to me. All the girls welcomed me with the biggest smiles on their faces and made me feel so comfortable. ADPi has given me so many amazing experiences through working with the community and countless friendships that I know will last a lifetime. These girls are truly my sisters! I will be forever thankful for all the memories ADPi has brought me so far and I can’t wait to make more! 

-Charlotte Loxley from Brielle, NJ (AC”22)

“This chapter has given me experiences that have helped shape me into the woman I am today by my friendships that I share my favorite moments with and through memories that will last a lifetime. Being surrounded by a group of women who not only want to see me succeed, but help me achieve success has been the biggest blessing! Whether that is a lunch date at the house, a walk at the river walk, or getting ready for ADPi functions, I know I have the best friends with me through it all. If I could describe the women in ADPi, the first words that immediately come to mind are genuine and encouraging. Everyone you come in contact with in ADPi has the biggest smile on their face and are so welcoming right away - they want you to share in their sisterhood! I am so lucky to be a small part of this chapter and get to serve the women in it! ADPi is truly so special to me and I am so excited for recruitment!!”

-Vice President of Recruitment Kate Shumard 

(AC ‘22 Atlanta, GA) 

Hear from two best friends Ella Locke & Kam Sprague in AC’21

“I met Kam during recruitment freshman year when she came over and sat with me on the grassy knoll. I instantly knew that I wanted to become her friend. Little did I know, only a week later she would become my ADPi sister and one of my very best friends! I remember being so excited running home on bid day and becoming doubly excited to see Kam in the same blue tank top as me. Thanks to ADPi, I not only got a best friend and roomate, but a forever sister. She has been one of my biggest college blessings and I’m so thankful we have the opportunity to experience these amazing four years together. Our memories are something that will last a lifetime and ADPi has been the perfect place to call home together!”

-Ella Locke (Belton, SC)

“From meeting Ella during recruitment, to running home together on bid day and calling her a sister, to finding out we lived in the same dorm was proof I had made the right decision when choosing ADPi! What a place to find your person. Since then, we have spent three of the best years of our lives together, making countless memories, living together, and preparing to take on post-grad together. She is truly my best friend, and I had no idea how much I needed someone like her! No matter if it’s lunch at the house or exciting weekend trips - we do everything together, big and small. She is everything funny, genuine, and loving. These characteristics make her a perfect friend, sister, and ADPi! I can’t thank Alpha Delta Pi enough for my people, like Ella. I can’t wait to take in every moment of our senior year with her by my side, then take Dallas on together. Here’s to experiencing all of our college firsts together, and now starting to experience all of our college lasts!”

- Kam Spraugue (Greensboro, NC)

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