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Alpha Delta Pi holds the distinction of being the first secret society for women and the mother of today’s sorority system. We were founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan College, with the principles of scholarship, leadership, service to others and sisterhood. These principles still guide the policies and programs of our sorority today.


The Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was established at the University of South Carolina in 1928.


The phrase "first, finest, forever" holds a lot of significance for the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. 

First: Alpha Delta Pi was the first sorority ever founded. 

Finest: Alpha Delta Pi holds its members to high standards and embodies the core principles of scholarship, leadership, service to others, and sisterhood. 

Forever: Alpha Delta Pi values the lasting bonds created through the sorority long past the four years of college. 



Our open motto, “We live for each other” encompasses the foundation upon which Alpha Delta Pi was founded:  our sisterhood.  It is a motto that we all live by and represents our relationship as sisters.


Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 3.40.50 PM.png

Azure, Adelphean, and Midnight Blue are the official colors of Alpha Delta Pi. Diamond White, Sand, Woodland Violet, and Horizon Grey also represent the brand. Blue is symbolic of friendship, the basic spirit upon which Alpha Delta Pi is founded. White symbolizes sincerity and truth. Alpha Delta Pi seeks these qualities in all its members.


The Woodland Violet, which grows wild, is the official flower.  Because it is unavailable for purchase, African violets are often used to symbolize the Woodland Violet.


The lion is the mascot of Alpha Delta Pi. Our mascot is nicknamed "Alphie."

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