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Five Tips to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

“This year, I’m going to start exercising and eat better. #NewYearNewMe

Sounds familiar, right? We have all used the transition from December 31st to January 1st as a reason to set goals for ourselves; ones that are often health-oriented and meant to improve our lives. Yet, by the end of the month, most of us have seemingly abandoned those aspirations and reverted back to our old habits. Natalie Watson, Beta Epsilon’s Wellness Specialist, gives advice on how to stay motivated with our workout and wellness-related New Year’s Resolutions.

“This time of year can be stressful for a lot of people since the diet industry seems to work overtime,” she says. “A lot of us struggle with body insecurities, and they play off of them to make a profit. Do not feel pressed to give in to crazy juice cleanses and workout routines that take a toll on your mental health.” She suggests spending time doing activities that make you feel good both physically and mentally. “To each person this is different, so don’t fall victim to the diet industry’s ‘one size fits all’ craziness.”


When making new lifestyle changes that are intended to be sustained, it’s essential to find movement that you enjoy. For Natalie, this means running, walking, and riding her Peloton. “If you have access to a Peloton, my favorite instructors are Kendall Toole and Ally Love,” she recommends. “They are so encouraging and format their classes in a way where you are in control of your workout.” As far as food goes, don’t overthink it! Stick with the basics and choose meals that bring genuine satisfaction and enjoyment. With a happy and healthy exercise routine and diet established, your New Year’s Resolutions are more likely to succeed. “If you like what you are doing,” she says, “it won’t feel like a chore to do.” Watch this short video to get to know Ally Love, one of Natalie’s favorite Peloton instructors!

hold yourself accountable

On the days you feel yourself lacking motivation to workout or struggling to get out of bed, Natalie suggests referring back to your “why.” “Your why is a short phrase that drives everything you do in life. It attaches a deeper meaning to something small,” she explains. “For example, if I don’t want to go to therapy one week, I remind myself that going grounds me, which in turn allows me to better myself each and every day.” So ask yourself: what is your why? Use the answer to remind and motivate yourself on the tough days.


It’s no secret–when you look good, you feel good. “Wearing new workout clothes always gets me excited about getting a sweat in,” says the Wellness Specialist. There are many brands that offer stylish exercise gear, such as Lululemon, Fabletics, Gymshark, and even some of your favorite chain clothing stores. “Unpopular opinion,” Natalie confesses, “but I prefer to workout in Nike instead of Lulu.” Find what makes you feel most confident and get at it, girl!

listen to music

Music has the power to control our emotions, our moods, and our energy. It can serve to pump us up while exercising or calm us down and mentally relax. When Natalie runs, she enjoys jamming to the early 2010s throwback songs. “Spotify has a ton of playlists, but my favorite has to be ‘2010 Summer Bops,’” she says. Whether it be a streaming service or a radio station, put on some of your favorite tunes and have fun!

allow time to rest

To avoid your muscles becoming too sore or feeling mentally exhausted, it’s crucial to allow yourself dedicated time to rest, relax, and recover. This may be anything from stretching to binge-watching Netflix, but the key is to let your mind and body have a break. Similarly, if you ever feel too overwhelmed, then take a step back. “The only time you will be able to be productive and thinking logically is when you have a clear mind, and rest may be the answer to get you there,” Natalie says.

"Your body is an instrument,

not an ornament."

For her New Year’s Resolution, Natalie plans on allowing herself to live more in the moment. “In the past, I have struggled with straying from a routine that I had become comfortable with,” she admits. “College, and especially living in the ADPi house, has taught me that the best memories come when you least expect them.” After all, no one could have expected what 2020 brought us.

On behalf of the Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, we wish you a Happy New Year!


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