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Dear PNMs,

Take a deep breath, let your hair down, and get excited because you’re less than one month away from recruitment! I remember this time leading up to recruitment so vividly and, oh boy, it was a rollercoaster of emotions. I had always wanted to be in a sorority because of my mother but coming from out of state and being the only daughter in my family, I didn’t truly know what to expect. I was so excited but as move-in day got closer, I started to doubt my decision. If I’m being honest, I almost decided to back out of the process–but I’m so glad I didn’t.

I had no idea that I wouldn’t be alone in this, but that I would have two incredibly kind, fun, and supportive Pi Chis to guide me through. I can remember walking into a large room of girls I didn’t know and feeling a little lost as I entered this unfamiliar process. I was immediately given a group number and welcomed by my Pi Chis and a small group of girls. Even before orientation, they got to know us, answered our questions, and made us feel comfortable and excited for the days to come. By Bid Day, my group and our Pi Chis had gone out to eat, organized girls nights at our dorms, and become so close and connected. It didn’t matter which sororities we ran home to because we were panhellenic sisters and ready for this next step. It was a crazy, somewhat overwhelming, and (most importantly) positive experience because of my two Pi Chis. They became like older sisters to me and the rest of my group. If I had the chance, I’d do the whole experience again.

It didn’t take long after meeting my own Pi Chis to know that I wanted to be one too. The following year, I served my recruiting duties to my sorority, but I was ready to be on the outside of the house right by your sides the next Fall. I served as a Pi Chi last year with my awesome Pi Chi partner in crime to an incredible group of girls just like you. I must admit, serving this position in the midst of the pandemic last year was a little off-script but even more exciting during that crazy time. Hopefully, this year will be a little different, but here are a few things you can expect!

1. Lots of early mornings: we typically meet between 7:30/8:00 am every day, so make sure to get lots of sleep at night and eat a little something before we begin the day.

2. South Carolina summers are HOT HOT HOT = HYDRATE BABY GIRL: believe me, it’s hotter than you think so bring your water bottle every day, grab more water from the tent area (where we serve meals and get shade from that blazing sun) whenever you need, consider getting a little handheld fan, and as for saving your makeup from sweat, coffee filters work wonders!

3. You’re going to meet A LOT of ladies during this process: Have a notebook, notepad, or even your cell phone handy as soon as you leave a house–don’t bring them in with you. Be present, but write down anything important after you leave. Do your best to remember the names of the active members that left an impression on you, but don’t stress if you forget someone.

4. Every sorority ROCKS: you may be coming in with a sorority in mind or not know a single one–and that’s ok! The best thing you can do for an incredible experience is to forget anything you know, put a smile on your face, and just be yourself at each and every house. Keep in mind, there are approximately 300-400 members in each sorority, so don’t believe any of those sorority “stereotypes” (they’re simply not true).

5. Your Pi Chis are here for you: Hey hi it’s me! If you’re excited… I’m here! If you’re sad… I’m here girl. If you don’t feel well… I’m here. WE’RE ALL HERE FOR YOU! Our jobs as Pi Chis are to simply be here for you and make your experience the absolute best and easiest it can be. Seriously, 24 hours a day from the day you get to USC to the day you’re done, we are here for all of your needs! So call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me ;)

You may not know me yet, but you will so soon and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you! Last year was such a wonderful experience living out my freshman dream to be a Pi Chi, and I feel so honored to serve again this year! Every day offers new challenges and new excitement that I think is the best preparation for the new school year. And who knows, you might be reading this as a stranger now but be one of my new sisters in just a few short weeks!

As I said before, take a deep breath, and get excited, because it’s going to be one of the craziest, best, and life-changing experiences to come! I love you all already, but you have a lot more love coming your way and you’ll feel that the moment you run home to your sorority. And remember, you’re probably going to feel a LOT of emotions during this process, so never, ever hesitate to come to a Pi Chi. Whether it’s the Head Pi Chi, a Pi Chi director, your Pi Chi group leaders, or literally anyone wearing a Pi Chi shirt. We’re all here for you during this process and want to listen to you, help you, laugh with you, celebrate you, and be there in any way we can FOR YOU! Cherish every moment during this process and share it all with us babes, because we’re all secretly here to relive our recruitment days through y’all ;)

Love y’all and I’ll see you so, so soon!!

Anonymous Pi Chi <3

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