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  • Anna Heidel

There's No Place Like the Pink House for the Holidays

It sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially at the Pink House! The two-story, early 20th century home–located only minutes away from the ADPi house in Greek Village–has a special place in Beta Epsilon’s heart. For the past 40 years, it has been passed down from one generation of sisters to the next. It is currently home to five junior ADPis: Addi, Avery, Caroline, Hannah, and Mary. “We all knew we wanted to live in the Pink house when we were just freshmen,” Addi recalls.

From left to right: Avery, Addi, Mary, Caroline, Hannah.

The girls huddled up to snap a quick picture on the Pink House porch for the first day of class in their ADPi t-shirts!

Compared to living in the ADPi house, which offers a four-person or six-person suite and houses 32 girls, the Pink House only has five bedrooms. This smaller group of girls enables tighter bonds to form and friendships to strengthen. “After a long day of classes, meetings, studying, etc., we gather on the couch to talk about our days,” says Addi. “Because of COVID, we have gotten the chance to be even closer to each other because truly these are the only people we are able to see every day.”

“I wouldn’t trade living with these girls for the world!” – Caroline

Between movie nights in the living room to cooking homemade meals in the kitchen, the girls have created countless memories in the house. “During the summertime,” Avery says, “we love to hang out on our front porch! We strung up some lights out there, and most nights we will invite friends over and all hang out!” For their first dinner together, the girls put together a charcuterie board–a Pink House favorite! “We all have different work/school schedules during the day,” says Caroline, “but almost every single night we get together in the living room, eat dinner, and watch a movie together!”

First roommate dinner in the Pink House! Charcuterie board for the win.

The Pink House has also become a safe haven for other sisters, as well. During recruitment, the girls were able to open up their home to some of their fellow sisters, as covid-19 regulations prevented them from using the typical meeting spot, the ADPi House, to exchange ideas, talk, and plan. “All of the recruitment team and tab team got together at our house and made the magic happen in the living room,” Caroline notes. This is how the Pink House earned its nickname of the “ADPi Headquarters.”

And to celebrate the holidays, the Pink House girls created a Christmas card. This was an idea of Caroline’s that she had after signing the lease on the house. “Caroline was the previous VP of Marketing for ADPi so she always had a creative vision,” Addi mentions. “She was the one that designed the card and everything!”

The Pink House girls posed for their Christmas card on the steps of their front porch in white shirts, Santa hats, and the jolliest smiles.

On behalf of the Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi,

we wish you peace, love, and joy this holiday season!


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