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Beta Epsilon reelects officer positions prior to each spring semester. Click here to see our new executive team! As these women are highlighted on our Instagram (@adpisouthcarolina), let's talk about the importance of becoming a leader through the lens of ADPi.

Leaders Are Goal Focused

With so many moving parts in ADPi, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Leaders think holistically by reminding the chapter of its goals. Leaders also engage members by breaking down their plan for progressing towards those goals. With more chapter engagement, we are able to incorporate new projects and increase our impact on the community, especially our national philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House.

Leaders Make the Chapter FEEL Heard

In addition to the material goals of leaders, they strive to make their team happy. As a leader, you need to create a system for gathering feedback and learn how to use feedback to improve. A good leader will focus on what their people want. They will also make following directions a smooth process. Examples of this in Beta Epsilon are posting information for easy reference and offering a point of contact for each officer.

LEADERS Work to Succeed

It is important to highlight the passion of leaders. Their goal is not to do the bare minimum; it is to excel at their duty. Leaders are willing to take a risk or put in extra time if it means achieving their goal. It is likely that leaders are also working towards a greater position. It is because of this passion that Beta Epsilon received the Golden Lion Award and continues to strive for it.

Leaders Answer Questions

If you are someone who is more comfortable as a follower, know that leadership is not exclusively directing people or creating something from scratch. Leadership can also be leading by example or speaking up. By incorporating service, scholarship, and sisterhood into your everyday life, you are a leader of the values of ADPi. By answering someone’s question, you help them out and portray yourself as knowledgeable.

Leaders Overcome Adversity

With any level of leadership, you will face adversity. You may need a bigger budget or more time or more dependable resources. As you work through these issues, you gain practice problem solving. In addition, there will be people who face the same issues as you did, and you can guide them through it. Sharing advice gets the job done faster and your team will be one step closer to the big picture.


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