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In honor of President’s Day, we asked our president Addi Cottone all about Alpha Delta Pi! She tells us why she chose to run, how she manages all her responsibilities, some of her favorite memories, and so much more. We are so thankful to have Addi serve as the president of our chapter, Beta Epsilon.

Describe your first couple months as president in six words.

Answer: "Exciting and never a dull moment!"

Why did you choose to run for president?

Answer: "Before I even got into ADPi, I knew that I wanted to be president of the sorority one day! I had never been so drawn to an organization as I was to ADPi during recruitment. Emma Nash actually made such a huge impact on my recruitment experience in ADPi. She was so charismatic and I knew that I wanted to be able to oversee an organization with such amazing people like her. As a freshman, I ran for Property Manager and ended up being slated for Executive Vice President. Throughout my two years in this role, there was so much I was given in terms of love and support. Because of this, I knew I wanted to be able to give back to ADPi in some way!"

What has been one of your favorite ADPi memories?

Answer: "Three of the girls from my big group of friends rented a house in Pawleys Island, SC this past summer. We called it the Chateau! We would drive to visit them often and I have some amazing memories with my group of friends there!"

How was your experience living in the ADPi house?

Answer: "It was the absolute best year of my life hands down! I got so close to my best friends and was always around people! I am definitely the kind of person that likes to be around people constantly. Because of this, living in the ADPi house was perfect for me! My roommate, Avery Steeland, was also my roommate in the freshman dorm the year before and is currently my roommate for the third year in a row. I can genuinely say that I have no negative things to say about living in the ADPi house! It is something that I believe everyone needs to experience at least once!"

How do you manage balancing ADPi, your school work, your social life, and your health?

Answer: "My agenda/planner is my LIFESAVER. So are my highlighters and colored pens! At the beginning of this semester, I made sure to go ahead and write down every due date in each syllabus I was given. I then make sure to write down each recurring ADPi meeting for the rest of the semester. Before each week, I make sure to see what the week ahead of me looks like. With that I plan my social life, work outs, and studying for the entire week. I currently work out at Barre 3 on Devine Street!"

Who are some of your best friends you have made through ADPi?

Answer: "I am very lucky to have such a big group of friends in ADPi! My roommates, Avery Steeland, Caroline Beskid, Mary Edmunds, and Hannah Nash all live in the Pink House! I live next door to my other best friends, Aleea Winston and Ashley Kate Smith and then Ansley Ellis and Hannah Wade are always over at our house hanging out with us!! Across the street from us is Haylee Jackson, Neily Rae Yanotti, and Wyatt McEachern! All of these girls are people who I consider to be my close friends and I am so lucky to know each of them. They have made the largest impact on my college experience and for that I cannot thank them enough! They are the most supportive and loving group of people I have ever met. In fact, I was able to get close to all of them through the ADPi house last year."

What was your favorite philanthropy or sisterhood event?

Answer: "My favorite philanthropy event has actually been cooking in the Ronald McDonald House for the families. It sounds so simple and definitely not as extravagant as the other philanthropy events we have planned. However, something about the way it is more personalized and we are also able to meet the families makes my heart so warm. Not to mention, getting to hang out with Alphie, the RMH dog, is a plus! I miss my puppies at home and Alphie always reminds me of them. My favorite sisterhood event was a paint event we had a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I am terrible at painting and not artistic at all; however, it was still so much fun getting to paint with a group of people in the sorority that I don’t necessarily get to see all the time."

What has been the best part about being president? What’s been the most challenging?

Answer: "One of the most challenging parts about being president is definitely that I still do not know all of PC ‘20. I have always prided myself on being able to know each member of ADPi decently well. Because of everything going on, I have not been able to get as close to many of them. I hope that as my term goes on, I will get to know more and more of them! It has also been difficult for me to see the seniors not able to get the same experience that seniors in ADPi typically do. Obviously, there are many things that we cannot control being in a pandemic, but it is difficult for me to see the women that had such a huge impact on myself as a freshman not able to get the same send off as typical seniors. The best part of being president has been the time I have gotten to spend with the Executive Committee so far. One of my favorite things is being a supportive friend. I can definitely say that there have been many opportunities where I have gotten to be supportive of all of the amazing things that the Executive Committee has done so far. I also get such a good feeling when I am able to be in the know of what is going on in ADPi. Being the president has given me the opportunity to not only know what is going on, but also be transparent with the members of the chapter."


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