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January Goals to Kick off 2022 Right

After 2021, New Year's resolutions may feel like a lot to handle, and that is okay! Create goals that are realistic for you. Consider these ideas as you step into the first 31 days of 2022.

Go Somewhere New

One way to ensure change in 2022 is by stepping outside of your routine. Keep in mind that going somewhere new does not have to mean going somewhere far! Try a new study spot, a new area of the gym, or a new place to go with friends. A change of scenery forces you to learn new things and see new people.

Wear Sunscreen

It is easy to forget about sun exposure during the winter, but your skin needs protection all year round! Now is a great time to set a bottle of sunscreen next to your skin care products and work it into your daily routine.


A great start to your year is doing something that improves your mental and physical health. Not only does volunteering provide personal benefit, but it also helps out those who need it most. In addition, volunteering is an opportunity to hone a new skill like woodwork or cooking.

Apply FOR A Scholarship

If you are like me, you often see scholarship opportunities floating around, think “I should apply to that,” and by the time you look at it again, the deadline has passed. Use January 2022 to research scholarships, pick one or a handful to apply to (they do not have to be large), and do it! There is no harm in trying.

Schedule Time in The Library

By the end of winter break, you may have lost sight of your old study habits. The first week of classes is usually less rigorous than the rest of the semester, and it can be tempting to push off study time. To avoid playing catch-up, block off time in the library (or your preferred study environment) right away. Even if your assignments only take thirty minutes, you have established habits for a successful semester.

Clean Out Your Car

Holiday travel is notorious for creating a cluttered car. Take time to throw away your straw wrappers, shake out your floor mats, and take out extra belongings. Start the new semester looking and feeling sharp.

Make A Budget

I find myself suffering from buyer's remorse when I do not decide how much money to spend vs. save. However, it is just as unhealthy to save every last penny as it is to spend until there is a hole in your pocket. Making a budget, even if you do not have consistent income or bills, turns what you “shouldn’t” buy into what you “can” and “cannot” buy.

Find A Job Opportunity

While your schedule may not allow time for a large time commitment, it is important to stay on top of career opportunities out there. Look for a job or internship that aligns with your interests, clean up your resume, and apply! Even if the opportunity does not work out, you gain interview practice and networking skills.

Tell Someone You Love Them

We know how good it feels to be appreciated, but it is easy to forget to express your appreciation for someone in everyday life. 2021 was not a forgiving year for most. Not only will saying “I love you” make you feel good, but you are more than likely saying it to someone who needs to hear it.

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