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Getting Through the Summer Away from Your Sisters

With summer quickly approaching, we cannot help but think about missing our best friends. Although we cannot share meals at the Pi Palace, walk Alphie, or enjoy functions for a few months, here are a few ways to stay connected as you “get through” summer!


You may have spent Bid Day with hometown faces or been introduced to women from your city through ADPi. If so, remember that you have sisters living just a few miles away from you over the summer. Take advantage of this blessing by planning your own sisterhood events. Try a new attraction in your city, plan a day trip, or revisit your old hangout spots. As always, make sure to take pictures!


Whether you are moving into Pi Palace or living with sisters in a house or apartment, everyone looks forward to decorating their space. Share a Pinterest board with your future roommates and get inspired to shop! If possible, hit up IKEA together or group FaceTime in HomeGoods. Also, be on the lookout for spirit week/recruitment things and knick-knacks for your future family addition!


The Ronald McDonald House in Columbia is just one of over 350 houses across the country. Find the one closest to you and reach out about ways to get involved. Ronald McDonald works year-round, and volunteers and donations are just as greatly appreciated in the summer!


If there is anything our graduating seniors are telling us, it is to soak up these precious four years because they will be over before you know it! An effective way to live in the moment is to write down how you want your next year to look. Use this summer to establish your career/internship goals, academic goals, social goals, personal goals, and anything else. Instead of just looking forward to next year, look forward to your happiest year.

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