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Dressing for Recruitment

We cannot wait until PNMs are stepping through our doors next month! As we prepare for you, stay up to date with registration and recruitment information by following @uofscpanhellenicrecruitment on Instagram. There you will find the recruitment T-shirt, information about each round, Q&A’s, a look book, and much more! However, the question “what do I wear?” always seems to linger. No worries, we’ve got your back! Here is a picture-filled look book broken down by each round with some of our suggestions.

Round 1: Go Greek

Prior to Round 1, you will have submitted a get-to-know-me video. On the day of Round 1, you will be watching a video from each chapter to learn about them. You will not be talking face-to-face with chapter members during Round 1.

In your video, wear a tee that represents something important to you. This can be your hometown, a team, the place you worked or volunteered, your family vacation spot, or similar.

On the day of Round 1, prioritize comfort! Put on something that keeps you cool and allows for movement. Feel free to wear the same shirt as in your video, and pair it with casual shorts or an athletic skirt.

Round 2: Philanthropy

Round 2 begins your time inside each chapter. You will spend 30 minutes discussing philanthropic causes and activities. Some charities may touch you on a deeper level, which you should take note of. Giving back to the community is a core value among all chapters, so make sure to ask them questions. While Round 2 is three days long, you may visit all your houses within two days, or have long breaks here and there.

As for attire, you will wear the scoop neck tee given to you by Panhellenic. Pair it with a cute skirt, skort, or pair of shorts. The philanthropy shirt is white, so you have the opportunity to pick out bottoms that showcase your style. Flat sandals are a popular shoe choice.

Round 3: Sisterhood

During Round 3, you will have 40 minutes to hear about and discuss each chapter’s activities, traditions, and friendships. Sororities offer a strong support system, which enables lifelong relationships and unforgettable memories. This is the time to ask about big/little relationships or a cherished routine between sisters.

For this round, think of a sundress or romper you would wear out to Sunday brunch or as a wedding guest. Play around with ruffles, puffy sleeves, tulle, pastel colors, or whatever suits your fancy. Shy away from cutouts, showy necklines, and bodycon dresses. Sandals and heels are equally suitable for this round.

Round 4: Preference

You will spend an hour with each chapter during Round 4. If that sounds like a while, remember this is when you are no longer talking to chapter members–you are among your potential sisters. Time flies by when you feel at home. Be mindful of your heartfelt conversation because you’ll want to remember it.

Preference round is cocktail attire. Grab for a dress, romper, or jumpsuit that may be over-the-top at brunch, but perfect for a fancy dinner. A good guideline is to wear something that makes you feel sophisticated. Heels, platforms, or wedges are best to pair.


Take these suggestions for what they are–suggestions. Regardless of what any look book encourages, dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident! Don’t let an outfit get in the way of your authentic self. We cannot wait to meet you, gorgeous!


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