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Dear incoming freshmen,

I am so excited for you to begin your journey at UofSC! Especially within the last few weeks of my senior year, it has really hit me how different of a person I was when I first set foot on campus to start my freshman year compared to now, a senior just under a month away from graduation. If you are looking for a fresh start, a chance to find yourself, a path full of challenges and gratification, fun times, and people you just might want to spend forever with, you have come to the right place. And the most exciting thing is - you have no idea how these next four years are going to unfold (and yes, I said that’s the exciting part)!

Everyone starts freshman year in the same boat - plopped into a situation where everything is new and unknown. You might not feel confident in your new surroundings yet, but I can promise you that majority of your peers don’t either. In that case, go the extra step and say hello to someone new, strike up a conversation with someone in the library, push yourself to try a new machine at the gym, sign up for an after-school club or try new food at Russell House! Being open and willing to take chances is truly one of the best things I have learned to do throughout my college career. Watch your confidence climb time and time again when you watch it pay off.

Expect outrageously fun (and hot) game days, a feeling of community wash over you as you walk down Greene Street, nights full of struggle as you study for that exam you might not know a thing for, chances to squeeze new friends you never knew you’d make, tough battles with issues you never expected, but the feeling of subtle growth throughout each passing semester knowing you are getting older, wiser, more confident, and even more grateful that you selected a school that would help shape you into the person you are meant to become.

ADPi has provided me the opportunity to connect with a group of women that will undoubtedly be in my life forever. I have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows next to these women throughout my college career, and there is not one other group of people I would rather do my life with. I will forever cherish being able to celebrate one another (think: getting into grad school or passing the NCLEX!) and being there for one another at times of need because these women shine from within and make me so grateful that I chose this chapter.

One of my favorite experiences that Adpi has given me was this year’s Senior Band function - the younger girls put in so much hard work to help us celebrate the end of our year and time together, and being able to have fun with my entire pledge class was one of the best nights of my senior year! Plus, living with my friends since sophomore year in an apartment and then moving into a house senior year has been such a fun experience.

I’ve also loved getting to explore local Columbia eats through my Instagram food blog @BadnBrunchy - I have formed relationships with and collaborated with many restaurants, brands, social pages, etc. around the city which has really helped me feel like an important part of the community and inspired me to work hard every day to grow my blog and connect with more readers!

But my best advice to you as you start your journey as a Gamecock is as follows:

  • Take chances

  • Expect difficulties in many areas, but push yourself to learn from tough experiences

  • Remember your worth

  • Tune in to learning about your values, boundaries and desires as a person

  • Refrain from comparing yours,elf to others

  • Trust the timing of your life

  • Never ignore your gut instinct

I am so incredibly excited for you! These last four years have been absolutely pivotal in my life, and I have Columbia, UofSC, Alpha Delta Pi, the Darla Moore School of Business, and my friends all here to thank. I hope you cherish this time and enjoy every bit of it! And if you ever want to connect with me further, please reach out and ask me about my experience here at UofSC on my Instagram @BadnBrunchy.

Go Gamecocks!


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