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Whether you are coming to Cola for the first time, or you just need a fresh place to go, here are a variety of ADPI’s tried and true spots.

Nail Salons

The Nail Barre

Super chic and all about enjoying yourself! Nail Barre is on the pricier side, but their carefulness is worth every penny.

Lee NailS

If you are in a pinch, this is the place to go! Lee Nails is very flexible and has great service!

Posh Nail Spa

This spot is great for nails, but even better for a pedicure! It is a super relaxing experience; you will not be disappointed.

SC Nails

SC Nails has never done us wrong! If you rarely get your nails done and need a no-brainer salon, check them out!

Workout Studios

Workout classes are one of our favorite ways to bond with our sisters! We’ve worked with studios all around Columbia, in which some of our chapter members instruct at!

EQ Fitness

EQ is all about eliminating the stigma around fitness! If you want to incorporate new moves into your workout routine, or create a routine altogether, check them out!

Studio Fire

If you like variety, Studio Fire offers yoga, HIIT, barre, and dance cardio classes!

Barre 3

Barre is a full-body workout combining strength, conditioning, and cardio. This studio was brought to Columbia by Lauren Truslow, the same woman who franchised The Nail Barre. She has done talks for our chapter and others within the Panhellenic community about female entrepreneurship. Her drive and execution are nothing short of inspiring.

Hair Salons

Cline Salon

Cline Salon provided many of our girls with free blowouts as part of a sisterhood event! Their flexible and talented staff were just what we needed before Formal!

Moss and Moon Hair

This hair loft specializes in balayage and blonding! Depending on which stylist and service you choose, Moss and Moon Hair can accommodate a smaller budget!

Parlour 818

If you get your hair done often, you know it can add up! Parlour 818 is the place to go for a touch-up that won’t break the bank.

Austral Hair Salon

If you are looking for a hair transformation, Austral is your place! Their slightly pricier services are justified by the incredible before-and-afters featured on their Instagram.

Brunch Restaurants

The Gourmet Shop

This is a French inspired gourmet cafe and storefront! We have lots of love for their chicken salad, paninis, and soups! It is highly quality food at reasonable prices.

A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen

This is a 100% vegan carryout, food truck, and catering service! They are black-owned and notorious for attracting a crowd at Soda City (Columbia’s Saturday street market). Their rotating menu features a variety of tastes, including southern BBQ, curry tofu, and chicken alfredo!

Grill Marks

If you are leaning towards lunch or casual dinner foods, this is your place! It is the perfect cross between indoor and outdoor seating. You cannot beat their burgers and shakes!


If you are looking for more unique brunch dishes, Smallsugar will provide! For good reason, their pastries are usually gone by mid-morning. The open-face egg dishes are 10/10!

Coffee Shops

ADPI is a big fan of doing coffee tabs for sisterhood events! Pass on Starbucks for a day and squeeze in some homework at one of our favorite cafes!

  • Azalea Coffee Bar

This spot is women owned! Azalea serves coffee and tea from female producers and partners with many women and minority-owned businesses in Columbia.

  • Drip

  • Cool Beans Coffee Company

  • Blum Coffee


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