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  • Natalie Jiron

ADPI girls and their houses!

One of the greatest things about our sisterhood is that it feels like a family! In this case, many girls have become such good friends that they have decided to live in off campus houses together throughout their college career. Having sisters by your side everyday is truly such an amazing experience. These examples below are just a few of the many houses filled with ADPi girls in Columbia, many have been passed down for generations!

The Pink House!

The Pink House is home to five ADPi sisters all in their senior year of college. The house has been passed down by ADPi girls for the last 30 years, originally built in WWI for nurses to reside in. So it has always been an all girls house! The current roommates enjoy spending their time having movie marathons, drawing themes on their chalk board in the entrance of the house, and enjoying the ADPi experience together!

House members:

Alston Nash, 21 years old, Georgetown, SC

Advertising major

Ava Elliott, 21 years old, Charleston, SC

Exercise science minor nutrition and food systems major

Bella Trulock, 21 years old, Augusta, GA

Retail Management major

Gardner DiVenere, 21 years old, Pawleys Island, SC

Psychology Major with minor in Counselor Education

Ellison Kate Fox, 21 years old, Pawleys Island, SC

Biological Sciences major with minor in Chemistry

The yellow house!

The Yellow House includes five ADPi best-friends all enjoying their senior year together! Being the first generation of ADPi sisters living in the house they intend on keeping that tradition going! The roommates love hosting girls nights, "We did a secret Santa party recently and cooked, it was super fun. Typically we do a girls night every week and watch a show! Currently, our new favorite is the bachelor" (Brae Jackson). The girls are enjoying their last semester in the house before passing it onto more sisters!

House members:

Jesse Closson, 21 years old, Medford, NJ

PharmD/ Pharmaceutical Science major

Chloe Ennis, 22 years old, Baltimore, MD

Sport and Entertainment Management major

Lindsay Anne McCall, 21 years old, Raleigh, NC

Music Education with Vocal Performance Certification

Anna Holland, 22 years old, Raleigh, NC

Business Marketing & Management major

Brae Jackson, 21 years old, Myrtle, SC

Marketing and management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a minor in law in society

the penny house!

The Penny house is home to six ADPi sisters in their third year of college! The roommates love to have bachelor nights and host birthday parties for one another! "Pretty much any excuse we have to decorate or celebrate something we do it! We also love doing cute dinners on our front porch, we set up tables and chairs and decorate with flowers, candles, tablecloths, etc. it’s kind of a birthday tradition to have a nice dinner on our front porch" (Madi Gregory). The roommates are planing on living in the house next year and passing it down to ADPI's in the future!

house members:

Grace Poremski, 20 years old, Mt, Pleasant, SC

Marketing major with Social Media Mass Communications minor

Madi Gregory, 20 years old, Fort Mill, SC

Public Health major

Lindy Sell, 21 years old, Charlotte, NC

Nursing major

Isabelle Gibbs, 21 years old, Augusta, GA

Nursing major

Megan Rolison, 20 years old, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Nursing major

Caroline Marshall, 20 years old, Augusta, GA

Nursing major

The white house!

The White House includes three ADPi sisters in their senior year in college! This is the fourth year of having ADPi girls living in this house. The roommates love having movie nights, dance parties, and getting ready together for game-days! "Game-days and functions are always fun because there’s music blaring throughout the house and we’re all running around showing each other our outfits" (Cameron Roth). They are looking forward to the next generation of ADPi's to fill their amazing home!

House Members:

Cameron Roth, 21 years old, Nashville, TN

Hospitality Management Major

Brynn Hannon, 22 years old, Nashville, TN

Marine Biology Major

Ally Robinson, 22 years old, Blythewood, SC

Marketing & Management Double Major


The Pendy House is home to five ADPi sisters in their third year of college. The roommates do weekly Crumbl cookie runs and movie marathons. "We have a karaoke machine so we like to do karaoke nights sometimes" (Kassidy Hejlik). Their favorite memory is hosting a big dinner for their friends and families for Parents Weekend. This is the third year this house has been home to ADPi sisters, and they intend on keeping that tradition alive!


Kassidy Hejlik, 20 years old, Charlotte, NC

Fashion merchandising major

Burkelle Reighard, 20 years old, Virginia Beach

Public health major

Nicole Anderson, 20 years old, Fort Mill, SC

Sport and entertainment management major

Joey Bertram, 20 years old, Cooperstown, NY

Public relations major

Julia Raykovicz, 21 years old, Charlotte, NC

Nursing major

We are so excited to see the friendships that will continue to fill these houses for years to come!


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