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  • Mary-Kathryn Raley

How To Spice Up Your Living Space

Spending a lot of time in the same place for weeks on end can definitely take a toll on your mental health. Not only that, but it can become a little boring. Right now, our homes, whether that be a dorm or apartment, are where we are spending the majority of our time. They should be our sanctuaries and with finals approaching, it's only appropriate to spice up our living spaces. Doing something as simple as rearranging furniture may give you that little kick of motivation, sense of calmness, or jolt of happiness you might need. In my opinion, adding a little decoration is the easiest thing you can do to make your space truly feel like home.


Whether it be clothes or the calculator that's been broken for months, it’s time to cut back on non-essentials. All of these items are taking up unnecessary space that ultimately be utilized for other purposes. Not only that but it’s healthy to learn how to let go of items in order to make room for the new!


Take some time to find a plant, small or large, that you really love. Implementing greenery into a room truly adds another dimension that can’t be achieved from traditional decor. Studies have shown that having an indoor plant can absorb toxins by increasing humidity and producing oxygen, boost moods and reduce stress.


Try adding some additional lighting throughout your room. A lot of dorm rooms don’t have many windows. Creating enough lighting is essential when working from home offices, which all of us have been learning to adjust to. A bright atmosphere typically helps people sleep better come bedtime. There are so many cute options to add more light to your room such as a custom neon sign, curtain lights, or color changing strip lights.


In small dorm rooms, mirrors will really open up a space. Even if you already have a full length mirror, try flipping it horizontal for a different look. This will usually look really cool above a bed. Tiny mirrors are also a great addition if you already have a full length mirror somewhere. Mirror colleges are a new and trendy way to take up a large wall while giving the appearance of a larger room.


The easiest way to literally add some spice to your space. If you’re in a house or apartment, luckily you can light a candle, which adds a whole new aora to your room. However, if you are living in a dorm there are still ways to bring some good scents to the space. Reed diffusers, oil diffusers and concentrated room sprays are all good options. Personally when my room smells amazing it can completely brighten my day.


There’s nothing more unique you can add to a room than items that mean something to you. Instead of having them sit in a box somewhere, items such as tickets, art work and even special t-shirts have the potential to look very nice when framed. Not only is this a great decor option that no one else will have but it serves as a reminder of things that bring you joy when we have been surrounded by so much chaos this past year.


If you’re like the rest of us, chances are you have too much stuff sitting around even though you may not use all of it. This is where cute baskets are an easy fix. Well placed baskets serve as effortless yet useful decor in the right spaces. Just make sure not to overcrowd them. Try placing a basket under your desk with school supplies or in an empty corner of your room filled with blankets.

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