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  • Mary-Kathryn Raley

20 Things You Can't Live Without In Your Dorm

Whether you are an incoming freshman or not, its always fun to revamp your room for the upcoming school year.

Morgan Cooper and Madison Parker are rising sophomores whose dorm room won the UofSC Room Of The Year Contest this past year. Mixing style, comfort and innovation, their room didn't win the contest for no reason!


Below you will find 20 items that Morgan and Madison couldn't not live without their freshman year.

1. Keurig

"For those long nights and early mornings"


Whiteboard planner

"To keep track of our schedule"

3. Bedside tray

Breakfast in bed, anyone?

4. Ottomans

"Perfect for storage"

5. Fluffy blankets

6. Shoe racks

"To keep both of our many, many pairs of shoes organized"

7. Futon

8. Blow- up mattress

"For our bigs and best friends to sleepover"

9. Long phone chargers

10. Storage bins

For all those t-shirts you will acquire

11. Pictures of family and friends

12. A fan

"The best sound machine"

13. Blackout curtains

Essential for Sunday mornings

14. Sweatshirts and leggings

"The only outfit we both wore to class all year"

15. T-shirts, lots of t-shirts

16. Bedside rail

"Kept us from rolling off the bed in our sleep"

17. Mirrors

"We had a tall mirror to see our outfits and a makeup mirror"

18. Desk organizer

19. Our "GAMECOCK" letters above our bed

20. Each-other

"Someone to laugh with you and at you, share many laughs with, be there for you no matter what, and make your first year at college better than you could ever imagine"


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