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What Exec is Doing During Quarantine + Tips!!

Aimee Goley- President

"Some things I’ve been doing to stay healthy mentally and physically are at home workouts, spending lots of quality time with my fam on the back porch, and staying super organized with school and ADPi so that I can try to maintain a routine"


Addi Cottone- Vice President of Operations

"I’ve been making Tik Toks with my family, sitting by my pool, riding bikes with my mom and walking my dogs, journaling everyday about things and people that I am grateful for and why, driving around Charleston"


Celie Anderson- Membership Education Vice President

"So for the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of journaling to kind of process my thoughts about everything as well as document it so I can look back on how I was feeling later! I also try to call someone every day whether that be a friend from school or a family member I haven’t talked to for awhile, so that I can have some social interaction for the day! I’m trying to be as productive as possible with my school work and ADPi work, like trying to plan a super fun chapter retreat. I’m really trying to be as grateful as I can for the things I have right now and not dwelling on what I’m missing out on or what I can’t do right now."

Best Journals:

- The Jag by Papier

- The Revival Journal: Crazy Cool Threads

- Shinola Notebook


Caroline Beskid- Vice President of Marketing

"I have been trying to keep a steady routine by waking up, writing in my gratitude journal, working on school work and ADPi work throughout the day, working out with videos from Jamie Scott Fitness, going on walks with my family, and getting creative with cooking! I have found it super helpful to write down five things I am grateful for everyday because it reminds me that even during this time of uncertainty and sadness, we still have an abundance of things to be grateful for."

Amazing Online Workouts

- The Sculpt Society

- Melissa Wood Health

- Tracy Anderson

- Shannon Nadj


Ashely Kate Smith- Director of Primary Recruitment

"I have been going on walks around my neighborhood to get a breath of fresh air and clear my head during these tough times."


Jillian Daellenbach- Vice President of Finance Accounts Payable

"I have a part time commercial real estate internship and school work obviously. I’m lucky, I get to take my dog on walks which helps tremendously with sanity haha! Other than that running and reading a book I’ve been wanting to get to!"


Ansley Ellis- Director of New Member Education

"Some things that I have been doing during this time are allowing myself to take things day by day. I am a planner and having a plan for what I need to get done day by day is extremely helpful, but I have realized now that sometimes it is ok to take breaks and do something that I truly enjoy. It is so important in these unpredictable times to find joy in each day! Some of the things I have been doing to keep myself occupied are finding new movies to watch on Netflix, trying a new workout, playing with my dogs, and sitting out by the water! Allowing yourself to relax and have free time to do the things you love during this time is super important and I encourage everyone that has the opportunity to try something new or do something they find joy in!"

Pro Tip: I have found some of the best workout playlists through fitness instructors instagrams!!

- Sara Silk

- Maddy Cissone


Chloe Bruggerman- Vice President of Finance Accounts Receivable

"One of the things I have been doing is spending more time with my younger sister and going on runs with her. Going to school eight hours away is hard since I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like, but having this extra time to spend with her and getting to enjoy one of our favorite activities makes me realize that there are ways we can all overcome this and that in the end something good will come out of it!"


Katelynn Cannon- Social

"My work has not been shut down because it is a small legal office so I go to work every day, but I stay healthy and sane through at home workouts before I go to sleep, making sure I’m eating healthier now that I am choosing my own meals, and bingeing a million shows on Netflix (and doing it on Netflix Party with my boyfriend to act like we’re on a date) HAHA so silly"

Netflix Must Watches During Quarantine:

- All American

- Ozark

- Tiger King

- Love is Blind


Catherine Disspayne- Scholarship

"I’ve been trying to maintain a schedule to give me some set of normalcy during this time. In the morning/early afternoon, that’s when I’m doing work for school and studying. My mom and I then always either take a walk or do a Barre3 video. Staying in touch with friends has also been helpful & we try to FaceTime at least once a week."


Chandler Caussey- Standards

"-Wake up at a reasonable time to maintain a schedule

-Drink coffee for a caffeine kick

-Take my dog, Stella (black miniature schnauzer), on a walk around the block to get some fresh air

-Take an hour to myself (whether that be completing a quiet time or watching a episode of the office to mentally recharge)

-Spend a few hours working on school work to remind myself this is not summer vacation.

-Spend the afternoon cleaning/yard-work so my days feel productive

-FaceTime my friends to stay connected and encourage each other through this unique situation.

-For dinner my mom and I are using all the ingredients we have in the house to see what we can make with the resources we already have. Great way to save money, social distance, and try new recipes!

-At night I have been alternating between, another walk, movie night, fire in the backyard, at home workout.

-Lastly, I’ve been getting in bed early to keep a proper sleeping schedule."


Brennan Cavaliero- Panhellenic Relations

"I keep my phone on do not disturb to limit what pulls my attention, I exercise at home like on the trampoline and running the neighborhood, I do homework some in the morning and some in the afternoon, and I keep lists and calendars of what needs to get done and when it needs to get done."


Avery Steeland- Philanthropy

"I have been doing my work outside, taking bike rides, trying new hobbies like paddle boarding, and laying on my hammock to do work."


Callie Farell- Property Manager

"I have been going on walks with my family members everyday and taking Group X classes on insta live!"

Make Sure To Take A Class With One Of ADPI's Group X Instructors:

- Jenna Gileczek

- Regan Fosmire

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