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  • Mary Louise Campbell//Mary-Kathryn Raley

PERU Mission Trip ~Photo Recap~

Over Christmas break, Mary Louise Campbell had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer on a Mission Trip to Peru through Med Life. Med Life Mobile Clinics bring free, high-quality healthcare directly to communities who lack access to basic health services. Volunteers shadow medical professionals, help in the running of the clinic and learn about local medical practices, global medicine and the effect of poverty on health. Follow the photos throughout the blog to learn about her trip and everything she accomplished!


Mary Louise left for Lima, Peru on the fourth of January and returned on the twelfth. She traveled through various districts including Miraflores and Paracas.


She helped set up clinics in districts of Lima and assisted physicians during rotations such as : OB/GYN, Dental, General Medicine and Triage.


"My most memorable experience was during my OB/GYN rotation. The physician was very eager to help us learn and really experience as much as possible. A young woman in her second trimester with her second child came in for a checkup and I actually got the chance to feel the baby's head while we were palpitating her stomach. It was such a surreal moment to be there and feel this human growing in her womb."


" I learned a lot of humility. There's so much that I take for granted everyday, like clean water. One of the big projects we did in the districts was providing steps for the members of the community to safely get from their home to the water tanks, school or their job. It's a very mountainous area so providing a safe way for then to get around was an integral part to make sure our impact was not just for the week we were there but that will last in the community for years to come."

" Overall it really helped solidify my desire to pursue a career in health while maintaining my passion for hispanic language and culture studies. I hope that I am able to take what I learned and apply it to future medical service endeavors regardless if they are international or right here in Columbia."

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