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  • Emily Rich

Important tips for recruitment

Recruitment season is nearly upon us! In preparation, I’m sure many of you are watching YouTube videos to find out what the week is going to be like- I’ve been there! However, most of the videos don’t touch on something that I find to be very important to keep in mind before coming through recruitment – a healthy body and mind!

Throughout this process, you will meet so many different types of young women who all are looking for their new home here at USC. The week is FILLED to the brim with walking, activities, talking, (lots of) sweating, and voting, so it’s important to make sure you are fueling your body and mind with the right things to sustain a healthy and happy week.

First off: FOOD! Lucky for all you PNM’s, USC’s Panhellenic Council will provide you with a catered lunch each day of recruitment – something yummy like Moe’s or Newk’s! Don’t be afraid to eat the queso – you’re going to want it, and I promise a day or two of hot cheese won’t change a thing. But, breakfast and dinner are going to be on your own, which may be an entirely new concept to many of you who are now living on your own for the first time. Whether you choose to eat at a restaurant, use a meal swipe, or cook on your own, make sure to fuel your body with foods that will sustain you for long periods of time. This includes lots of healthy fats, protein, and fiber! Eggs, nuts, fish, avocado, wheat cereals or breads, vegetables and fruits are good examples just to name a few. It’s also important to pack a couple snacks in your bag for each day. Since it’s so hot and you will be walking a lot, your body will be burning lots of calories; it’s crucial to fuel up so you are ready for each party. I really love Perfect Bars (they come in vegan flavors too if you’re interested), GoMacro bars, snack cheeses, grapes, hummus and crackers or carrots, etc.

Second off: a healthy mind! Something that I noticed when I went through recruitment was how easy it could be to suddenly feel like just one girl in a sea full of so many amazing and accomplished young women. Feeling confident in yourself, however, is a critical part of a great recruitment experience. In order to genuinely feel confident in yourself and be your authentic self in a party, make an effort to remind yourself that you are worthy, capable, strong, and beautiful every day. Set your phone background with a positive quote, reflect on your strengths in a journal, dance a little before leaving to start your day – whatever you gotta do! Comparing yourself to others in any way won’t help you find your new home at USC but lifting yourself and others up will. One of my favorite quotes ever that really helped push me through a time when I wasn’t as confident in myself is, “You don’t have to be beautiful like her, you can be beautiful like you.”

And that’s about it from me! I encourage you all to embrace this huge change in your life and think a little extra about how cool it is that different foods are able to power our bodies in different ways if it’s not something you already focus on. Food is FUEL, and you will need it to not only have a great rush experience, but a great college experience too. Dive headfirst into your new life as a college student and embrace who you are so fully that you feel capable of taking chances and finding your place in Greek Life at USC. And if you ever need a restaurant recommendation in Cola, feel free to hit me up. : )

Pi Love,

Emily Rich


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