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  • Zoe Grooms

Summer fun with ADPi’s very own Fitness + Food Blogger, Zoe Grooms!

Summer is finally upon us! All the tests, papers, reports, and projects have been submitted and it’s time to kick our feet up and enjoy some sunshine! For me, this Summer is particularly exciting because I will be packing up from my hometown of Louisville, KY to start an internship in Charlotte, NC. I love any excuse to adventure to a new place, so I am thrilled to spend this summer in a new city!

I will be working with Dr. John Bartemus, a Holistic Medicine practitioner and founder of Functional Medicine Charlotte. Holistic medicine is an integrative approach to healthcare, where an emphasis is placed on the whole patient, and not just symptoms. The values behind holistic medicine very much align with my passions for health and wellness. A few years ago, I began a blog on Instagram to share these passions for health and wellness. I have had so much fun using Instagram as a platform to express the knowledge I have gained through my Exercise Science degree, as well as a way to motivate and inspire those who follow along. It is so much fun to share my love for food, wellness, and nutrition through helpful tips, inspiration, and life-friendly recipes!

Through my internship, I will be working with Dr. Bartemus to solve the complex problems of each patient that walks through his doors. I anticipate learning so much from this experience. I know that this will be valuable knowledge that I will carry with me into my future. After completing my undergraduate degree in December, I will be preparing myself to begin Physician Assistant school. Another journey that will hopefully bring me to a new city, full of new people and new experiences!

The future is an amazing thing! It is wonderful how unknown every preceding moment of life is. With each passing second comes new opportunities to begin again. New paths bring new journeys, and chances to learn all new things. I challenge you to live each day in pursuit of what is to come, but don’t forget to soak up where you are now! For all the girl’s out there getting ready to start college, I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore all the new experiences to come. Leaving high school and jumping into the college world may seem a little nerve racking, but know that with each new experience comes so many new opportunities! Rush a sorority, join that club you have always been interested in, try a new hobby, whatever it is that sets you just outside of your comfort zone and into a new experience!

Life is a beautiful adventure, and it is just waiting for you to live it!! Best wishes to all the smarty pi’s out there doing amazing things. Wishing a beautiful, sunny summer to you all!

Pi love!! Xoxo <3

Zoe Grooms

Beta Epsilon Chapter at the University of South Carolina

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Future: Where ever the wind may blow me

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