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  • Melissa Byars

A Letter From The President

August 10th, 2016. The day I moved into room 952 of Patterson Hall at the University of South Carolina. Luckily, I only had to take a short drive down the interstate from my hometown of Lexington, South Carolina. I can still vividly remember saying goodbye to my mom in the Bull Street parking garage with misty eyes as I left for PNM orientation. That night before sorority recruitment began, I thought about what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to learn and grow over the next four years. The next morning, I walked (well, more like hiked) the hill to Greek Village with my new friend, Abby, who was in my Pi Chi group. Abby and I could not be more different. While Abby is spontaneous, laid-back and creative; I tend to be more "type A." Regardless of our differing personalities, we hit it off. Throughout rush week we would talk about what we wanted out of a sisterhood. We both valued loyalty, compassion and determination and wanted to be surrounded by like-minded, driven young women.

Of course, we fell in love with ADPi. Alpha Delta Pi's values shined during recruitment. Even though every girl I talked to during the week was so different, they all were bound together by their love for this chapter. On Bid Day we were beyond nervous. Standing next to one another in the Colonial Life Arena, knees shaking and hearts pounding, we opened the bright orange ADPi tank! We ran out to our new home and into the arms of our Bid Day buddies who would soon turn into our Big Sisters just a few weeks later. To this day Abby and I talk about that moment, how excited we were to join a sisterhood of women who not only inspire us, but push us to chase after our dreams, big or small. That week went by way too fast. I thought Bid Day would be the best day of my life, but as I grow and learn I find that each day as a member of Alpha Delta Pi is more rewarding than the last.

Alpha Delta Pi at the University of South Carolina is truly something special. The women in this chapter are visionaries and dreamers who genuinely want to make a difference. Walking on campus you will see sisters wearing their letters proudly as they lead a University tour, head to work at the State House, go to track or cheer practice, or as they rush off to their nursing clinical. You see, Alpha Delta Pi is more than just a sisterhood; it's a way of life. I know that my sisters, like Abby, will be there for me during the best times and the worst times. We live for each other and that alone is something we will share for the rest of our lives. It is hard to put into words how Alpha Delta Pi has changed my life for the better and I am excited to see where we take the chapter in the years to come.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you stay a while and enjoy a glimpse into life at Beta Epsilon.


Melissa Byars

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