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  • Addie Amos


Whether you’re an incoming freshman, or thinking about going through recruitment as a sophomore or junior, you may be wondering if sorority life is right for you? Here is a quick top 10 list why joining a sorority may just be the best choice for you!

1. Like-Minded Women

You will immediately gain a community of women who share similar values, goals and dreams. These women will be an amazing support system as you navigate college.

2. Service Opportunities

Each sorority has their own philanthropic causes they support. These provide a great way to give back to the campus and community and offer a real sense of fulfillment.

3. Leadership Experience

Whether you prefer to lead others or work behind the scenes, a sorority will help you gain valuable skills and


4. Academic Support

Academics are important to sororities – and to your success at college. Within a sorority, you’ll easily find study partners and mentors in your same major path.

5. Sense of Belonging

College can be overwhelming. A sorority can make a large place a little smaller and can really be your home away from home. No matter who you are, these women will welcome you and celebrate you!

6. Campus Involvement

It’s much easier to find your place within a campus organization when you have so many sisters involved in clubs and organizations all over campus.

7. Personal Cheerleaders

No matter what you go through, you’ll have a sisterhood of women cheering you on and wanting the best for you. Always a shoulder to lean on and always someone pushing you forward.

8. Network of Women

You will instantly have a connection with members all around the world that can help open new doors and new opportunities both personally and professionally.

9. Its Fun!

You will enjoy all of the planned activities from functions to formals to band parties – your social calendar will be packed.

10. Sisterhood

Joining a sorority means a community of dedicated, supportive and empowered women. From the moment you meet to reconnecting years later, you’ll have memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.


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