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Recruitment Essentials You May Not Think Of

How often your bag comes to the rescue during recruitment is up to you! Here are some overlooked essentials you may want to consider adding.

First, let’s run through the basic needs

Water: South Carolina is HOT–especially in August! Water is your best friend. Bring plenty and sip often.

Bag: This can be a tote, a backpack, a drawstring bag, or any other catch-all that fits your style. It will stay with you throughout recruitment, but will be left outside the houses during rounds.

Shoes: You will likely surpass your 10k-a-day step goal during recruitment! Therefore, many PNMs choose to bring two pairs of shoes. Comfy shoes are worn to Greek Village and swapped for heels or sandals before rounds.

Hair & Makeup: You will spend a lot of time outside, so prepare for how the weather may impact your look. Packing a hair brush, powder, Q-tips, and hair ties is a good place to start.

Now, onto the overlooked items!

Fan: Like I said, do not underestimate South Carolina’s heat and humidity. A small, hand-held fan will prevent your makeup sweating off and your clothes sticking to your skin.

Emergen-C: Recruitment days can be long and tiring. Pack some Emergen-C to help keep you on your A-game!

Charger: You will use an app to take notes, vote, and progress through recruitment, so pack a portable charger to combat low battery issues!

Bandages: We know it only takes a few steps in new heels to create blisters. Bring bandages to minimize your pain and get you through the day.

Umbrella: South Carolina is no stranger to sporadic downpours. Rain coverage is spread out and limited during recruitment, so consider packing a compact umbrella.

Towel: Outside of rounds, you are likely either standing or sitting on the ground. Bring a small towel or blanket to protect against dirt stains and itchy grass.

Other useful items may be sunscreen, gum, a caffeine source, headache reliever, and blotting sheets. However, remember that you are the heart of your recruitment experience–not what you bring. Equip yourself with what you need to feel your best, and don’t fret the rest. Lean on your Pi Chi’s throughout recruitment as they will let you know if something specific is needed one day (ex. a laptop). Also, they may have an essential you forgot, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!


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