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There is nothing more perfect than a day dedicated to sharing love with your sisters! Galentine's Day is unofficially celebrated on February 13th, but feel free to spread the gal-pal love on Valentine’s Day as well! Here are five ways to celebrate your besties this holiday.

Shout Them Out

A best friend is someone you want to boast about every day. Use Galentine’s Day as an opportunity to photo dump all the unseen pictures of you and your closest sisters.

Go On an Adventure

Creating a memory (or possibly a tradition) is a valuable use of Galentine’s day. Go for a sunrise or sunset hike. Visit the local animal rescue and foster a dog for the day. Have a photoshoot in the car on a scenic drive. Try out a new workout class. Taste-test Crumbl Cookie’s weekly flavors. Whatever you choose, make sure you are stepping outside your daily routine to cherish the wonderful sisters in your life!

Write Them a Letter

If you find yourself particularly busy this Galentine’s Day, an easy and sincere way to show your appreciation is a handwritten letter. Write about what your sister means to you, what she has helped you through, how she gave you confidence, or how she is shaping your college experience. Think of this as an opportunity to take a step back and realize you are living in the “good ol’ days.”


Everyone appreciates a little pizazz in their space, and what is more special than pizazz created by your bestie? Spend the night painting a canvas that embodies your bestie. If you want to make it extra special, hide your art from one another until it is finished and do a reveal! Each of you will come out with a visual reminder of the person who makes you laugh the hardest!


Challenge your girlfriends to a night-in of making heart-shaped food. The possibilities are endless–pizza, pretzels, cookies, pancakes, fruit, cinnamon rolls, or anything else calling your name! If you do not have access to a kitchen, take a trip to the grocery store, pick out a sheet cake, and go to town with sprinkles and pink frosting! By the end of the night, you have cute and delicious food that is truly handmade with love.


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