• Anna Heidel

It's an Alumnae Mother's Day

Today, we celebrate and honor all of the moms around the world. Thank you for your unconditional love, words of advice, and heartfelt hugs. You are always there when we need you and be our shoulder to cry on. You are both our role models and biggest fans at the same time. You have shaped us into the young women we are today, and we could not be more grateful.

The bond between a mother and daughter is one that is so special. But for some of our chapter members, their moms are also their sisters. We asked them all about how their bond has evolved since being in Alpha Delta Pi, including their mom’s reaction and favorite moments!

What was your mom’s initial reaction to you running home to ADPi?

Rorie Amos, PC ‘19: “I had told my mom that I was choosing another sorority (even though I chose ADPI) so that she could be surprised on bid day. Her friends took a video of her crying when she saw me run out on bid day.”

Rorie Amos and her mom Nicki, University of South Carolina alumna

Hollis Brecher, PC ‘18: “She was so excited for me!!! She couldn’t believe it and immediately wanted to buy me everything ADPi.”

Teghan Coyle, PC ‘19: “My mom was absolutely thrilled when I joined ADPi. She told me before going into rush to stay open-minded and try to love all the sororities, so I did. But in the end, I found my home, and it doesn’t surprise me that it happened to be the sorority my mom was in. I called her as soon as I found out, and we were both ecstatic!”

Ava Elliott, PC ‘20: “During rush, she always gave me pointers and encouraged me through everything. When I picked ADPi, she came up to USC and surprised me on bid day with a box of ADPi goodies! She got ready with me and my big day buddy and took pictures at the house with us too. We were both so excited to share this forever sisterhood!”

Rorie Pyle, PC ‘20: "She was ecstatic! She in no way pressured me to rush ADPi but knew it was the best fit for me. She even came out for bid day and we got to take some photos at the house together!”

Ava Elliott and her mom Lana, University of South Carolina alumna

How has ADPi become a part of your mother-daughter bond?

Rorie Amos, PC ‘19: “My mom had been talking about ADPi since I was a little girl, and I had always said I wanted to be just like her. By the time I got to college, we were so close and so similar that I was ready to choose the place that best suited me instead of following her. But come to find out, we had more in common than just mother and daughter, we shared the same values in friendship and loyalty. Finding out that out of all the places I could have chosen to be a part of a sisterhood, choosing the same one as she has made us so much closer as friends.”

Hollis Brecher, PC ‘18: “When I decided ADPi was my new home on bid day, my mom was so excited for me. I never thought I would end up sharing a sisterhood with my mom. My mom’s best friends 20 years later were all of her ADPi sisters from her time at the College of Charleston. Her friendships from ADPi continue to bring my mom joy every day, even with all of their kids and lives going on now. That was the type of friendship I wanted to find with girls in my chapter. My mom and her best friends all came to our initiation to surprise and celebrate another ADPi to the family! I never knew how proud I would be to call my mom my mother, sister <>, and best friend.”

Teghan Coyle and her mom Beth, Miami University alumna

Teghan Coyle, PC ‘19: “In college, my mom was also a member of Alpha Delta Pi at Miami University, and she met all of her best friends in her chapter. I grew up wanting to be an ADPi and find my lifelong sisters because of her. I think our relationship has become even stronger since I’ve become an ADPi. We are now sisters, and I love to talk to her about everything that we do as a chapter.”

Ava Elliott, PC ‘20: “We have become so much closer through now being sisters! I love hearing her side of things and her stories through college being an ADPi. She lived in the ADPi hall and encouraged me to live in the house, and I am so excited! She also introduced me to her sorority sisters, who also have daughters in the same pledge class as me, and now they are some of my closest friends!”

Rorie Pyle, PC ‘20: "ADPi has helped my mom and I connect on another level. We now get to share memories about our experiences and she has more excuses to visit me :) It is so cool to visit with her sisters and hear their stories and know I’m continuing a legacy!”

Rorie Pyle and her mom Tessa, University of South Carolina alumna

What is your favorite SISTERLY moment that you two shared?

Rorie Amos, PC ‘19: “My mom’s composite ended up being right outside of my room in the ADPi house and getting to show her that was really special to her.”

Hollis Brecher, PC ‘18: “Hands down the best ADPI moment for my family has been Parents Weekend and Parents Cocktail. My parents dated in college when my mom was an ADPi. My dad attended many ADPi functions during his college years. Three kids later and my dad couldn’t believe he was back at another ADPi function with my mom and me!”

Hollis Brecher with her family and mom Mischa, College of Charleston alumna

Teghan Coyle, PC ‘19: “The most special moment that my mom and I have shared since I’ve become an ADPi is when she got to initiate me. She surprised me and flew all the way down from home so that she could be there for that moment. I don’t think I have ever cried so many happy tears in one weekend. It was a moment I will remember forever.”

Ava Elliott, PC ‘20: “During initiation, she came and surprised me to be the one to officially initiate me into ADPi. She, along with a few other moms, moved our time slot to the last one of the night to surprise us. I heard her voice and felt her hand on my shoulder and was so overjoyed and surprised! It was such a cool experience to share with her.”

Rorie Pyle, PC ‘20: "Initiation was one of the most special moments for us! I had no clue that she would be there and I was just sobbing once I felt her hand on my shoulder. It was so special to share that moment together!"

For the mothers who have lost children or those who have lost their moms, we are thinking of you. Pi love.