• Mary-Kathryn Raley

Hear From Our New Alpha Class

This past week ADPi was so excited to welcome 98 new alphas to Beta Epsilon. Although recruitment looked a little different this year, we could not have been more excited to meet so many amazing PNMs. Read below to hear from a few of PC' 20's newest members about their experience going ADPI.

Bella Trulock

"When I first got my bid from ADPi I jumped for joy. I had felt so close to the girls during recruitment and like they were my best friends. That became even more true when I finally got to meet them in person. With the covid circumstances, the recruitment process wasn’t what it was supposed to be but ADPi made it feel special. Not only did the members of earlier pledge classes make me feel at home but my pledge class who I had never met before did the same. Some of them are now my best friends and i’ve only known them for a couple of days. I am so happy to have ran home to the finest women and sorority! Everyone is so welcoming and I can already tell they will be my best friends."

Sarah Walker

"I knew I wanted ADPi from round two because of the genuine conversations and sweet girls. I had a great bid day and met so many sweet girls all with unique personalities. I am so excited for all of the memories I will make in ADPi!"

Claire Howard

"I went ADPI because the girls made me feel so loved and as if I didn’t have to force the conversation. Even over zoom I could feel their genuine appreciation and gratitude for their sisters. It made me all the more excited to meet them in person! I could not have had a better bid day experience! Being a part of ADPI finally felt real when I got to meet everyone. Me and my bid day buddy, Callie, had the most random things in common: our sisters have pugs, fav foods, & similar hobbies!"


"I could not have asked for a better bid day buddy! She has been incredibly welcoming, sweet, and generous to me. I love you, Teghan! I’m so happy I went ADPi! #BoomBoom"

Julia Phillips

"In the beginning, I was super nervous about going ADPi but was hopeful because I had had such good conversations. I think I made one of the best decisions of my life going ADPi. I have met so many of the most beautiful and kind people, and it is only the beginning. I am so grateful for my experience!"

MaryKate Kovalchik

"I could not be happier that I went ADPi! When my bid day buddy, Emily, picked me up from my dorm and ran around the side of her car just to give me a hug, I knew I made the right decision. They were just as excited as I was for bid day and to call ADPi home! Spending the day with her and her friends made me feel at home, like they had been my friends for my life. I am so happy that I decided to go ADPi and can not wait to make so many more memories with my new sisters!"

Bailey Fusco

"I knew I was right where I belonged the minute after I talked to ADPi during round three. All the girls are genuine, kindhearted, and intentional. They made me feel at home and treated my like a sister throughout every round. It’s only been a few days, but ADPi already has my heart!"

Kasey Emilie

"I went ADPi because during rush I loved all the girls I talked to and saw this as my home; I was so comfortable when talking to the girls! My bid day experience was so so so fun! I met so many amazing girls and loved the ice cream we got. Loved taking pictures with the lions in front of the house!!! I’m excited to meet the rest of the girls and go to the Ronald McDonald House!"

Grace Ebbing

"I went ADPi because the girls I talked to during recruitment were genuine and accepting and I felt like I could talk to them like a friend. I’m so excited to be a part of this chapter and become even closer with the girls I met."

Anna Holland

"I am so incredibly happy that I went ADPi! Each round, even on Zoom, I could feel the sisterhood this chapter has and I felt like everyone I talked to truly cared about our conversation. On Sunday, when running to my Bid Day Buddy, Mary Alden, everyone was so excited and it was great being able to meet her and my new sisters in person! I felt extremely happy and knew that it was where I belonged and had found my home away from home. Coming from out of state and being a freshman in college in general can be challenging, but knowing that I have the girls in ADPi with me means the world!"

Lindsay Anne McCall

"I went ADPI because every time I talked to the girls it felt like I was talking to my best friends. These girls are so special and their love for one another is evident. I am so excited to be ADPi sisters with my Aunt and continue this journey for the next for years!"